Travelling to the enchanting hinterlands of this planet, Earthica discovers craft forms to work with artisans and co-create unique pieces of handcrafted items, each of which tells a story. At Earthica, we live and love color, craft and culture that has sense of nativity, yet appeals to the modern connoisseurs of art.

As an organization, we are built for those who strive and boldly work towards bringing remarkable changes, big or small. We do that by being a social enterprise that is committed to work towards bringing a positive change in both the supply and demand sides of the “handcrafted” market. Therefore, each of the products that you shop with us is fair traded, ethical and the artisan who has worked on it has been paid fair wages. In this competitive market, where business processes and people involved are a secret, we reveal the artisan behind every product.

In this fast changing world, we are more than aggressive to keep up with the pace but yearn to be rooted and sustainable at the same time. Nothing is more important to us than our home, the Earth!

We would like you to read and learn more about our endeavors with various crafts as much as we like you to shop our creations. So, do not wait and join in !


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As an organization, we at EARTHICA are committed to work with certain values



To sustain is to keep alive 
To keep alive the planet, 
It’s flora , it’s fauna 
It’s soil, it’s water 
It’s wind, it’s air
It’s sunshine, it’s moonlight 
It’s people - their villages, creativity, arts, culture and traditions 
To sustain is to keep alive the planet, for itself and for us , for generations to come



To educate the artisans

To share with them free knowledge related to their form of art and

Keep them abreast with the designs of the modern world

To educate the consumers of creative craft

And the consumers of younger generations

About what certain crafts used to be

And what they now are



To Empower artisans

Both male and female

And let their creativity flow without boundaries

For art is boundary less



All the materials of our usage

In the best of our capacities