"absorb" - a collection where lace and embroidery meet

Absorb is our collection of easy to wear women's apparel that are trendy and exude "comfort"

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Handcrafted goodness

To make you feel rooted and closer to nature

Wear good -feel good

Saris by SAGARA

Sagara is our sub-brand that works with artisans and handcrafters to make a line of sarees that you'll fall for !

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    I shop almost at Earthica quite regularly and I am in love with quality of their fabrics - all pure and handcrafted - a total delight to shop here !


    Their sarees are so woooow that I can never stop myself from buying a couple of them everytime I step in.


    The ease I feel in silhuettes shopped from here is just next to bliss. Also the fabric is of amazing quality.

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