What is #TeamEarthica ?

Our team known as TeamEarthica, is an interesting and motivated group of social entrepreneurs and hand-loom enthusiasts. The founders, whose ancestral village (Pochampally) is dominated by the weaving community of the Ikat weaving cluster of Telangana. Hailing from such roots, it was easy to see the difficulties of the local artisans. The brand was thus formed with an idea of starting a model of social entrepreneurship backed by a life long passion for handmade crafts. Despite lacking knowledge in the field of design, the team has found huge potential in connecting young designers with artisans across the country and aim to strengthen the bonds by developing a platform for engaging designers with artisans while providing both entities the necessary resources. 

We have an in-house team at the production level that handles the tasks of researching the crafts, collaborating with the artisan groups, sourcing the crafted fabrics, designing, sampling, stitching, quality checking and pricing. The finished products are then launched both in our on ground and online stores, where the sales team takes over by handling visual merchandising, sales and customer service. The two teams are in constant sync shuffling back and forth, managing all operations which also include online sales, attending seasonal exhibitions/events and updating social media profiles. 

Our Team includes

- Designers 

- Masters & Tailors 

- Embroidery Artisans 

- Supervisors Business Manager Store Manager 

- Visual Merchandiser 

- Sales Executive 

Alteration Tailor 

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